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Etudes Sans Frontières International (ESFI) is a network of volunteer organisations that support higher education students in crisis regions. Our chapters currently run programmes in Afghanistan, Chechnya (Russia), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Sri Lanka and Rwanda.

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Become active with Studies Without Borders!

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Highly motivated students from conflict (or post-conflict) areas – like Marie in the DR of Congo – are able to resume their university education through support programs from Studies Without Borders (Etudes Sans Frontières).

Higher education gives them the capacity to fulfill their ideals while contributing to the reconstruction of the society they live in. They are true peacemakers their country so badly needs !

Do you want to make the best out of your university experience? Support these young peacemakers by starting a local Studies Without Borders section in your university with your friends.

For the past ten years, hundreds of students like you have been organizing film events and discussion panels to raise awareness on the conditions suffered by populations in conflict areas. They have thrown parties and charity concerts to raise funds to support Studies Without Borders programs. Develop your own projects: shipment of books, summer classes or more long-term scholarship programs for students from crisis regions.

Studies Without Borders is a global organization run by students and university staff : all of them volunteers! Currently, we support students from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Rwanda and Haiti.

You really want to make a difference in the life of another student and your own? Contact Jan, president of Studies Without Borders International, at

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«Education is the most important weapon which you can use to change the world»

[Quotation from a speech delivered by Nelson Mandela at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa on July 16, 2003 - the same year the Etudes Sans Frontières movement was founded by students in France]